The 3rd edition of the International Colloquium on Research in Economics and Management (CIREG) has become a key event for research in Economics and Management of Organizations. It has been richer, more diversified and more attractive.

The CIREG’16 held on May 12th , 13th and 14th at the Atlas Medina & SPA Hotel was organized by the Center for Research in Economics and Management (CEREG), from ENCG Settat, in collaboration with the four Research laboratories: LRMC, LASMO, SIAD and LEFCG; and In partnership with the GATE and COACTIS research structures of the Jean Monnet University of Saint Etienne.

Building on its rich experience in the organization of national and international scientific events, CEREG partnered with several prestigious institutions in the 2016 edition: the ESSEC Chaire du Changement; The Academy of Management Sciences in Paris; The CLERSE Laboratory of the University of Lille 1; The Management Department of the University of Turin; The GREFSO and GREGO Laboratories of the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech …

CIREG 2016 was a pleasant venue that incited fruitful scientific exchanges between academic, professional and institutional researchers on the central theme of the symposium “Challenges of SMEs and Innovative Solutions”. The choice of this theme was not random since the concept of SMEs has several implications for both scientific research and the professional world:

  • Methodological implications: Certain strategic practices are easier to perceive in small organizations than in very large companies where everything is more diluted;
  • Theoretical implications as it raised the qestion of the roles of entrepreneurship, the theory of interstices, criticisms of economies of scale or scope, needs for flexibility and Changes in our productive systems in the renewal of economic theory;
  • At a quantitative level, it is important to look closely at why there is a wide emergence of specialized journals and a growing number of specialized research teams in the field of SMEs.

Within the framework of this universal scientific vision, CIREG’16 has tried to provide tentative answers to current national and international issues related to the fields of business and management by inviting researchers to contribute, through innovative insights from scientific research by focusing their attention on the challenges and problems of SMEs.

More than 400 researchers from around the world (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Romania) participated in CIREG16, presenting their theoretical and empirical contributions in relation to organizational realities , Managerial, human, social, cultural, economic and technical aspects of SMEs.

Round Tables and Workshops:

  • Two round tables focusing on two major cross-cutting themes were held in the morning of May 12th 2016:


Chaired and moderated by Mr. Abdenbi LOUITRI (Professor, Director of GREFSO, Cadi Ayyad-Marrakech University) & Mr. Elvi Deon (General Manager Arkayn Conseil, Expert Consultant in Corporate Strategy)

Prof. Mohamed BERRADA, Former Minister of Finance and University Professor,

Mr Stephen ORR, Vice-President Bombardier Casablanca, Member of the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce

Prof. Philippes DESBRIERES, Professor of Universities, University of Burgundy

Slim KHALBOUS, Professor of Universities, Director of IHEC – Carthage Tunis.

Prof. Rachid M’RABET, Director of the Doctoral School of the ISCAE Group and former Managing Director of the ISCAE Group

Prof. Driss FERAR, Associate researcher at the NIMEC Laboratory, Research Group on Management and Prospects of Trades, University of Lower Normandy, Caen.

Pr. Lynda SAOUDI, Lecturers, Jean Monnet University of Saint Etienne

Pr. Abdelhamid SKOURI, Professor in the Department of Economics and Management, FSJES of Fez.

Mr Hamid KHOULOUD, Representative at the level of the Marrakesh Safi region of the Federation of Trade and Services – CGEM


Chaired and moderated by Mr Abdellatif KOMAT (Professor, Dean of the FSJES in Casablanca) & Mrs Olfa Zeribi (Professor, Director of the Doctoral School of IHEC Carthage, Tunis)

Mr Hassan CHARRAF, Associate Director DORVAL, International Expert in Entrepreneurship, former President CJD, Vice-President AMDUS

Pr. Pascale BRENET, Coordinator of PEPITE Burgundy Franche-Comté, Project Manager Entrepreneurship UFC, IAE – University of Franche-Comté

Prof. Anissa BENHASSINE, Lecturer at ESSECT, University of Tunis

Prof. Mohamed RAHJ, former President of Hassan Premier University, Professor, Tax Expert,

Prof. Ali BOUFOUS, Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Law of Casablanca, Former member of the Commission SME / SMI at the CGEM

Pr. Hassan CHRAIBI, Professor at ENCG- Marrakech, Consultant Expert in HR Management,

  • During the three days of CIREG 2016, 6 disciplinary workshops were held in parallel: Economy Workshop, Finance Workshop, Management Workshop, Marketing Workshop, Strategy and Governance Workshop and SI Workshop, Quality and Logistics.

183 articles were accepted out of more than 2?? submitted.

Four prizes were awarded by the Scientific Committee for the best contributions based on the originality of the subject and the rigor of the research carried out on the components of the rationale of the paper, the theoretical framework & the methodology.

The winners of this 3rd Edition of CIREG are:

  • Best paper award:

Redouane GUILMI, PhD student, LASMO – ENCG Laboratory Settat and Bouchaib MOKHTARI, Researcher Teacher, LASMO – ENCG Laboratory Settat; For their paper “The phenomenon of high growth SMEs (Gazelles): A systematic review of literature and implications for further research (Part 1)”;

  • Best theoretical framework award:

Sameh BEN AMMAR and Afef AMMAR BELAID, Teachers at the ISET in Bizerte – Tunisia; For their communication entitled “A Relational Approach to Loyalty in the Banking Sector: The Case of a Tunisian Bank”;

  • Best Empirical Study Award:

Noufel GHIFFI and Mohamed MOUNIR, Research Teachers at FSJES Marrakech, Cadi Ayyad University; For their paper entitled “Exploratory study on the effects of proximity on the management and financial choices of single-person micro enterprises: cases of pharmacies in pharmacies in Morocco”;

  • Coup de Coeur Award:

Hebatalla KAOUD, Doctorante, University of Nantes and Emmanuel CHENE, Researcher, University of Nantes; For their communication entitled “O2 Innovation Model: Give oxygen to your innovation projects”.

CIREG 2016 also offered different publication formats to the participants:

– All the papers presented were published in the proceedings of the colloquium “CIREG’16”;

– The 20 best articles have been selected for publication in two international journals:

  • International Journal of Business and Economic Strategy (IJBES) – ISSN: 2356-5608 – Special issue – CIREG-2016 conference
  • Hasna SKALLI, PhD Student, ISCAE “Changing Epistemological Perspectives to Revive Breathless Research: An Example of Small Business Performance Factors”
  • Gaëlle DECHAMP, Researcher, Université Saint-Etienne, COACTIS, France and HORVATH Isabelle, Researcher, University of Haute Alsace, IAE Dijon, France «Study of a creative nursery: lessons learned from the theory of proximity»
  • Rawaa HAMMAMI, Research Master, FSEG Sfax and Amina OMRANE, Researcher Teacher, FSEG Sfax, Tunisia “The cognitive determinants of business competence”
  • Zakaria MAGHNAOUI, Fatima Ezzahra SIRAGI, Samir SALEK, PhD students, LRMC Laboratory, ENCG Settat and Omar BENAINI, Researcher Teacher, LRMC Laboratory, ENCG Settat “The employer brand as a determinant of companies choice by job seekers of Generation Y – Case of Morocco »
  • Aicha BEKADDOUR, Researcher Teacher, Tahri Mohamed University of Béchar, Algeria and Abderrezzak BENHABIB, Researcher Teacher, Abou Bekr Belkaïd University, Tlemcen, Algeria «The impact of entrepreneurial social capital on the degree of ease of access to resources»
  • Sameh BEN AMMAR and Afef AMMAR BELAID, Researcher Teachers at the ISET in Bizerte – Tunisia “A relational approach to loyalty in the banking sector: the case of a Tunisian bank”;
  • Issam EL MAGUIRI, Doctoral student, ISCAE, Dikra EL MAGUIRI and Abdelati HAKMAOUI, Teachers researchers, Ain Sebaa Faculty «The methodological contribution of the sociocognitive approach: Application to the study of the organizational behavior of accounting choices in Morocco»
  • Moncif OUMMAHYA, Independent Researcher “Quality and innovation in SMEs Agri-food: an instrumentation that leads to excellence? “
  • Houdaifa AMEZIANE and Mohamed TAHROUCH, Research Teachers, ENCG Tanger and Maria SEGDALI, Doctor, ENCG Tanger “SMEs’ access to bank financing: Case of companies in the Tangier-Tetouan region”
  • Hicham MEGHOUAR, Researcher, ENCG Settat «Take control of companies, characteristics of target firms and motivations of buyers: An empirical case English»
    • Abdillah KADOURI, Researcher, ENCG Kénitra, Khalid GOUJGAL, Doctoral student, FSJES Agdal and Mohamed EL BOURKI, Doctoral student, FSJES Agadir
  • «Initial listing and performance of SMEs: Case of SMEs listed on the Casablanca stock exchange»
    • Sara LEBBAR, PhD Student, ENCG Settat and Mustapha CHAMI, Researcher Teacher, ENCG Settat
  • “Micro-finance as a tool for micro-enterprise development: Realities and perspectives of the Moroccan context”
    • Samir SALEK, Fatima Ezzahra SIRAGI and Zakaria MAGHNAOUI, PhD students, ENCG Settat and Habiba BENSASSI, Researcher Teacher, ENCG Settat
  • “Sales Performance in Quarrying: The Role of the Award”
    • Youssef KHATORI, Researcher, Ibn Tofail University and Imane ZEMZAMI, Doctor, Ibn Tofail University
  • “The dynamics of innovation in Moroccan SMEs: A cultural approach”
    • Mbarka EL GHAZALI, Researcher Teacher, ENCG Casablanca
  • «Factors in the diffusion of managerial innovations in accounting and management control: Case of the two Moroccan companies»
    • Noufel GHIFFI and Mohamed MOUNIR, Teachers Researchers at the FSJES Marrakech, Cadi Ayyad University “Exploratory study of the effects of proximity on the management and financial choices of single-person micro-enterprises: the case of dispensary pharmacies in Morocco”;
  • International Journal of Economics and Management (CIREG 2016) – International Journal of Business and Strategic Management of Business Process (ESMB) – ISSN: 2356-5608
  • Mohammad Ayub Khan, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México, Amina Omrane, Researcher Teacher, FSEG Sfax, Tunisia & Diana Bank, HWR Berlin, Germany “The Role of Internationalization in the Higher Education Industry: An Exploratory Study”;
  • (Gazelles): A systematic review of literature and implications for further research (Part 1) “.
  • Abdelaziz Zohri & Zakaria Benghazala, Researcher Teachers, ENCG Settat “Moroccan managers’ perceptions of project success and failure”.
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