The CIREG International community will hold its fourth international conference on Buisness and management on 23rd, 24th and 25th of November 2017-03-2017. This International Symposium on Research in Economics and Management “CIREG” has become a must-go annual event and a global hub for researchers in business and management. The aim has always been to create a forum for exchange and learning in the fields of economics, business and management. The previous three versions of CIREG were an opportunity for researchers from around the five continents to present more than 300 research papers on various themes in business, economics and management such as strategy, finance, marketing, human resources, industrial economics, logistics, Engineering science, organizational governance, etc…  CIREG’s community holds this year’s conference with more ambition and greater enthusiasm.

The event is organized by the CEREG (Center for Studies and Research in Management) domiciled at the National School of Commerce and Management of Settat.

The CEREG is supported by the five Research Laboratories:

  • LRMC: Laboratory of Research in Management, Marketing and Communication;
  • SIAD: Information System Research and Decision Support Laboratory;
  • LEFCG: Research Laboratory in Finance and Management Control;
  • LASMO: Laboratory of Research in Strategy and Management of Organizations.
  • LARFAGO : Laboratoire de Recherche en Finance, Audit et Gouvernance des organisations.

The main objective of CIREG’17 is to honor Africa’s growth and opportunity, a continent full of hope and energy. Johnnie Carson who was US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 2009 to 2012 once said that “Africa represents the next global economic frontier”; hence, encouraging U.S. businesses to invest in the continent’s future. Besides, in 2011, commercial exchange between China and Africa reached about 160 billion dollars which makes Africa one of China’s most important business partners.

Similarly important, all indicators of African economic growth have recently been remarkable. During the last decade, trade between Africa and the rest of the world has risen by more than 200%. Annual inflation has barely reached 8% and external debt has decreased by 25%. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has gone up by 27% for quite a few years. On average, the African economy progresses by 4.2% according to a UN report published in June 2016. In fact, there are several factors behind African economic growth. The main ones are: the end of several armed conflicts; the abundance of natural resources and the economic reforms that have created a business enriching environment.

Despite the numerous obstacles inherent in the African history, Africa’s economic growth does not seem to slow down. Ernst & Young state that “this history should be narrated with confidence and persistence”. However, it is important to ensure that this economic growth of the continent creates jobs as well and enables saving millions of African citizens from unemployment.

Within this framework, CIREG’s fourth edition held under the theme ‘The 21st century Africa’ intends to trigger thinking and reflection over issues revolving around economics and social sciences, in general, and management sciences, in particular. Furthermore, this event will be an opportunity to raise issues related to the stakes of Africa’s economic growth and the challenges of private and public organization linked to it as well as the ecosystem structures that it creates. More precisely, the conference invites researchers and professionals to reflect upon the major question of this edition: “what are the strategies and decisive actions that can allow African businesses and enterprises to achieve competitive edge and, thus, reposition as a global player?”